What Is Junk Food?

toby amidor red shirt blonde hair smiling what is junk food?

"You can absolutely still enjoy these foods, just within reasonable limits.”

In today’s episode, registered dietitian, Toby Amidor helps us define junk food, address marketing’s role in increased consumption of such food, and explains the adverse effects the junk foods can have on weight and chronic diseases. Toby provides accessible alternatives and tips for avoiding/reducing junk food, promoting mindful eating and a supportive environment. Stay till the end as we have a giveaway in tis episode.

Toby is an award winning registered dietitian and a Wall Street Journal bestselling cookbook author and has 9 published cookbooks. Her upcoming cookbook Up Your Veggies: Flexitarian Recipes for the Whole Family is due out October 2023. She is also the nutrition expert for FoodNetwork.com and contributor to many media outlets.  

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