What is Whole Person Integrative Eating? Diabetes and Holistic Weight Loss

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“I researched ancient food wisdom. That is what Whole Person Integrated Eating is based on - what to eat and how to eat - to nourish yourself.”

In this episode, Deborah Kesten discusses her whole person integrative eating program and why food should nourish individuals physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. She talks about the reasons for overeating and how individuals can manage their weight  through holistic practices. Tune in to learn about diabetes and weight loss through a different approach. 

Deborah Kesten is a nutrition researcher and award-winning author of Whole Person Integrative Eating: A Breakthrough Dietary Lifestyle to Treat the Root Causes of Overeating, Overweight, and Obesity. Whole Person Integrative Eating is a science-backed program for halting—even reversing—overeating, overweight, and obesity. And it may also help manage diabetes.  

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