Healthy Eating the Yumlish Way for National Nutrition Month


March is recognized as National Nutrition Month in the US. Inspired by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month celebrates the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, as well as raising awareness about the role of nutrition professionals in helping people make informed food choices and develop healthy eating habits.

Yumlish’s story and approach to nutrition education represent what National Nutrition Month is all about. This week we honor National Nutrition Month and Yumlish’s core mission to be a key nutrition education resource for individuals and organizations looking to manage and mitigate chronic health conditions, cut through nutrition misconceptions, and improve their relationship with food.

The Yumlish mission

When Yumlish’s founder and CEO, Shireen Abdullah, was told after a health diagnosis to “eat healthy” without being educated to understand exactly what that meant, she knew she had her work cut out for her. Like Shireen, most Americans are often told to “eat healthy” without being educated on how to do that. Her experience with finding the right nutritional guidance to manage her health situation, and a growing passion to help others do the same, is why Yumlish was founded.

Yumlish is on a mission to combat diet-related chronic illnesses, especially in underserved communities with disproportionately high rates of diabetes. Scaling nutrition education in an accessible, engaging way, and culturally relevant way is part of this initiative.

Healthy eating the Yumlish way

Yumlish’s approach to nutrition pushes past the stigma of what healthy eating should look like and promotes a balanced eating approach. This allows you to manage your health and still enjoy the cultural foods you love. The following are some helpful guidelines for getting on track with healthy eating:

  1. Know what’s in your food. The best way to do this is to cook at home using fresh ingredients. But if you do use or incorporate prepackaged items, know what’s on the label.  
  2. Honor your food preferences. Don’t abandon your cultural foods. Instead, look for ways to ingredient swap and make them healthier. Shireen shared in a recent interview, that she “still eats the foods she grew up on, just with small substitutions — she trades clarified butter for olive oil and white rice for brown rice.” Healthy eating does not have to be unseasoned chicken and broccoli!
  3. Ask for help. Seek out professional nutrition advice from reputable resources like Yumlish Eat to Win program, seek out community health programs, and if available, consult with your health care plan regarding nutrition assistance and coverage that may be available to you.

For additional information on healthy eating for chronic illness prevention and management, check out our recent podcast with Shireen and special guest and Registered Dietitian, Edith Yang  Nutrition Care Interventions for Vulnerable Populations.


Yumlish champions sifting through nutrition misinformation. Providing accessible and culturally relevant nutrition education is our core mission. Emphasizing balanced diets tailored to your individual needs and cultural preferences is an important part of a healthy eating strategy that is doable for the long term.

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